Donita Walters

My goal for our coast to coast ride is to accomplish this dream I have had for years as well as give back to our veterans.  
I have an incredible appreciation for our armed forces and those who sacrifice so we can live and pursue our dreams. It is for that reason that I am happy to join HFOT and help raise money and awareness to help those veterans who have been severely injured.   Please join me in my effort to not only fulfill my dream but to help say thank you to a veteran who has afforded me this opportunity.
  Click HFOT donations below.
If you wish to help me out personally on my hotel/food fund for my trip, I would greatly appreciate that as well.  Please take a moment, thank a vet and follow our adventure.

Homes for Our Troops

HFOT builds mortgage-free, specially adapted homes nationwide for severely injured Veterans. These homes restore some of the freedom & independence our Veterans sacrificed while defending our country, & enable them to focus on their family, recovery, & rebuilding their lives. Donating to HFOT is one of the greatest gifts we can give our national heroes. The donations you make to support us will help this important organization.  

Kristy Massey

 Having strong military ties on both sides of my family, being married to a soldier who served for 7 years, and now a son who will soon join, I have nothing but love and admiration for our troops.  Having the freedom to pursue  this challenge of cycling across America and fulfill a dream since age 16, I wanted more to come from it than personal sense of accomplishment. It is an honor for me to partner with HFOT and ride for one of our veterans. 
 Please join me in my endeavor to provide some sense of freedom and support our veterans.
Click HFOT donations below.  
If you wish to help me out personally on donating to my hotel/food fund that would be  greatly appreciated as well.  Hope you follow our adventure. 

"Our goal is to Build A Home for one Veteran recipient chosen by  Homes for the Troops".  While we challenge ourselves and live our dream, we want to show our support for those coming back from battle needing our support. Thank you to all our family and friends, old & new for your amazing support. We are truly blessed!"     ~ Donita Walters & Kristy Massey  ~